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Seema - a poor maid

The news report below was pasted in unedited.

Inceneration of Shima was anti-Islam as her husband states..: Janomot 18 Feb, 1997

Bail prayer of 4 policemen rejected

CHITTAGONG, Feb 17:- The anti-child and anti-women repression court today outright rejected the prayer for the bail of four policemen accused of raping teen aged girl Seema Chowdhury in Rauzan thana custody. The judge Sayed Enayetullah rejected the prayer following the strong objection by the Public Prosecutor Nurus Safa Tallukdar against the bail move.

The Public Prosecutor in his disposition said that the offence, that they committed was culpable for capital punishment. The "heinous charges" that they are facing invoked strong public reaction all over the country. However, the learned judge fixed February 24 for hearing of framing charge against the four accused policemen including Sub-inspector Uttam Kumar.

Meanwhile, two-member judicial bench comprising Parimal Chandra Shaha and Maynul Haq today took the statements of Chittagong Jail Superintendent, Jailor and Jail Doctor regarding their treatment to Seema Chowdhury while in jail custody.

On the other hand, a two- member committee of the Health Ministry is scheduled to visit Chittagong tomorrow ( Tuesday) in connection with the sensational case of Seema. A garment worker Seema Chowdhury while in Rauzan thana custody on the night of October 9 last year was said to have been reped by the policemen. The poor maid died in mysterious circumstances in Chittagong jail on February 7, just after five day of submission of chargesheet by the CID police against those four policemen.

Both Seema and the accused policemen were in the same jail.>

END of Report

This page , "Seema - a poor maid" was added for several reasons

a) A case of a series of alleged assaults, rapes and beatings by a British police man is being tried this week [w/e 27 February 1999], the alleged victims were policewomen - probably because in Britain policewomen are made vulnerable by being isolated amongst [sometimes criminally pervert] policemen. note

b) We accidentally came across the case of poor Seema today.

c) Years ago, eating their midday meal in the open, a bunch of young soldiers were passing duty time away, as you do, by yarning about exotic places they had been to (and exotic girlfriends they had known).  This time they had an older man present - because sometimes they had to help the police or stand duties with them - and suddenly the man broke into the conversation, boasting :

"That's nothing - when I was a young copper I had any girl I wanted - just push them into an alley and they can't do a thing about it."

Everything went quiet.  The young soldiers had been talking, mostly affectionately, of their girlfriends - the older man was boasting of cold-blooded rape - by a cowardly bully using the 'authority' of a police uniform.

d) Much more recently - only a year or so ago - a young policeman was showing his new boss - an older, senior VIP policeman of high rank - around an English city.

But the junior copper was shocked (and maybe disgusted?) when the older man indicated an attractive young woman passer-by and said

"I fancy having her - bring her in!"

Fortunately the young copper was an honest man.  He reported the incident.

After an investigation the VIP police chief was retired on "medical grounds".

The senior policeVIP clearly thought he could use police authority to rape a young woman passer-by.

It is almost certain that he has done that before.

The incident says a lot about 'accepted behavior' in English police forces, even recently.

But what about now ?

And what if that young copper had not been honest?

There are some disturbing resemblances to cover-ups/cases, even in recent years

NEWS 09/09/01 bentcops13

NEWS January 2003 avoiders

NEWS September 2003 bad cops

A remedy for corruption & brutality? We found an answer!

our posted REMEDY for corrupt and pervert police forces.

The (relatively few) times we've had to personally intervene has only been to defend the weak, which we did willingly enough, in various parts of the world

Emotionally we first wrote above that the punishment for abuse of power 'should be death'.

But rationally one realises that rapists and suchlike perverts not only die - as we all must - but are slowly becoming extinct.

Their 'punishment' is always worse than mere death.

Says the A.S. principle

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